Snow Daze

Anna Kroon

Monday and Tuesday of this week we had no school because of a snow storm that caused massive power outages all across Franklin and the rest of Massachusetts. Before school even started there was hurricane Irene which also caused massive power outages and destruction all across the east coast which meant school openings were pushed back three days. A running total of the days that will be added on at the end of the year, subtracting from our summer vacation, is 5 days. A whole school week has been tacked on to the end of the year and it is only November. With five more months to take into consideration for snow days that could possibly happen we are in danger of loosing some of February or April Vacation. The things that cause us to miss school are naturally occurring events, totally out of our control. So why do we get penalized by way of loosing days of vacation for things we neither caused or are able to control? Do we ever really learn anything in those added days?Not usually, most of the time teachers cram the information from the days we lost into the next few days so they are able to meet looming standardized testing dates of the spring or their own deadlines. The question is how many more snow days will we get?