Trick Or Treating: Is there an age limit?

James MacLean

Halloween is not like other holidays like Christmas and Easter, having stockings or Easter baskets filled with presents. Ask any kid whether they are 4 or 16 and when they think of Halloween they think of trick or treating and candy. But when it comes to a certain age, should kids stop trick or treating? Teens and kids are being pressured more and more to not go out trick or treating after a certain age because it isn’t what’s “cool” and they are too old.

With Halloween being postponed until Friday the 4th of November, more kids despite their ages are going out trick or treating in their neighborhoods. But when the parents open their doors now and see kids older than 13, the judgmental faces have the kids saying “Trick or Treat” feel as if they should not be. Why can’t kids older than 13 go trick or treating? While some teenagers may feel weird going on a night that is shown on TV as a kid’s holiday, some like to go and get free candy. It’s a night where everyone should forget about their ages and just have fun. The parties and other Halloween festivities have passed and with this Friday approaching so fast, teens have to decide if they should go out and trick or treat.

The costumes and the candy are what Halloween is all about. Teens and kids to have to be ridiculed or told not go because of their age is not right. Even adults in their 20s and 30s like free candy, so teenagers from 13-17 should be allowed to go trick or treating without having a problem of being judged for their ages. The choice is up to everyone and what they feel comfortable doing, but being able to get dressed up in a costume and going to their neighbors’ doors to get candy on Halloween should be for all ages.