Franklin Public Library… Haunted?!

Nicole Morelli

Many long time Franklin residents know all the stories about the infamous haunted library. Even skeptics know these old tales. But the real question is, do you think it’s haunted?

The Franklin Public Library, America’s first public library, has been known for the strange occurrences throughout the years. One mistake people tend to make is that they believe the very top floor of the library is the said haunted part. In reality when these claims began the third floor of the library didn’t even exist.

A former employee of the library, Cindy Morelli, speaks of her strange unexplainable occurrences; “We used to have a cart of books that were returned that day. After emptying the cart we would leave it near the counter. When we would go to leave, the cart would have books on it, books that were said to be checked out or had already been placed back on their shelves.” Mrs. Morelli also informed me that this always happened after hours when the library was closed save for the two employees working.

The one thing Mrs. Morelli managed did manage to tell me was that she was a big skeptic. “I never really believed it though,” she said. “To me it was all just a big hoax.”

Even though there are the skeptics one can’t help but listen to the claims. It has also been reported that rows of books had been flipped upside down. Some even say that the library is haunted by Benjamin Franklin himself, for his statue reside directly outside one of the libraries main entrances. From cold spots to the eerie feeling of someone watching you, it is difficult to say whether the first public library is truly haunted.