Reality Stars: Why they should stick to Reality TV

James MacLean

Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Jersey Shore are two of the most popular reality tv shows around right now, with talent shows like The X Factor and MTV’s hit The Real World following behind. But with reality stars Kim Kardashian and Vinny Guadagnino coming to the big screen and our TV screens with shows like “90210”, reality stars are trying to break out of their element of being filmed living their lives and trying to pursue an acting career.

Kim’s first appearance on the movie screen was “Disaster Movie” where she can be seen for about 15 minutes before they made the smart choice in killing her off. While Kim is widely known for her number of promotions, like her handbag collection, clothing line, and perfume, going on to the big screen in Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor” may be her begin of her downfall. “The Hills” featured Audrina Patridge as herself but when she tried to go into her acting debut in “Sorority Row” she failed miserably and was only featured for about 10 minutes in the movie!

Vinny Guadagnino of “Jersey Shore” is always known for his creation of “GTL”, and crazy partying. So it is no surprise he was chosen to portray a ‘celebrity’ in The CW’s hit series “90210.” But when having to act as s0meone beside himself, Guadagnino has it hard to even keep himself in character as a “big celebrity.”

Other examples like Heidi Montag in Adam Sandlers “Just Go With It”, Kelly Clarkson’s failed movie debut in “From Justin to Kelly”, and another Kardashian, Kourtney, trying to become a soap star in “One Life to Live.” With all of these reality stars failing to make a strong debut whether its on tv or the movie screen, they should get the hint to stick to their day jobs and let the actors do the acting.