Franklin’s Obsession With Sports

James MacLean and James MacLean

Each town has their own group of sports: football, hockey, basketball, soccer and baseball to name some of the major sports. But living in Franklin for most of my life, I’ve come to realize this town thrives upon the sports. In the fall it’s football, in the winter it’s hockey and basketball, and during the spring it’s baseball. While most towns do love their sports, Franklin is seen as almost an obsession with their sports. But with this obsession comes a price and sometimes that price means ignoring other sides of Franklin including our music, theatre, art and other departments.

While Plays and art shows are still shown, they are not as well heard about because of Franklin paying close attention to its sports. While Franklin is known for their titles in the past years for Football and Hockey as well as others, most recently the Varsity Volleyball team winning the Hockomock classic last week. But with all of the attention going towards these sports, the attention needed for the arts seems to be fading away. The play this year “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” has less attention towards it and most students around the school know very little about it. While Theatre’s show Cabaret does receive some attention, Friday’s Football game is able to receive more word around the school. Why not pay attention to the shows just as much as sports? While the titles are great for the town, the shows are just as entertaining and deserves as much attention as the games.

Clubs as well are having to take this in with trying to make word around school and the town for their need of volunteers in both Community Service Club and SADD. The sports are great and entertaining, but when it comes to volunteering they are needed for people who are in need. Clubs and the Arts deserve the attention and maybe in the future they will get it.