More Parking Spots for Students!

Sarah Fitzgerald

“Students, please make sure you park in the yellow lines, not the white lines”… UGH!

The parking lot is a competitive place for drivers. People will cut you off, race in the lot, not let you go, or even steal your favorite parking spot. Worst of all, it’s just a giant tangled mess of cars at the end of the day. That’s why I believe that there should be more parking spots for students. There are about 1700 students at FHS and maybe 60-something faculty members, so why do teachers have the majority of the parking spots? The parking lot at the end of the day is always a mess around 2:10-2:15ish, and it usually takes 10 minutes to get out of the lot. There are parking lots for teachers surrounding the school, and they even have a designtated lot for them as well. Some students, like myself, get to school around 7:25ish and there are barely any parking spots left. I always have to park in the very back of the lot. When I am running late, I go through Panther Way and I am so tempted to park in the teachers spots, known as the “white lines”. It would be so much easier if there were more spots available for students, then there wouldn’t be as much craziness at the end of the day!