Down with the school buses!

Sarah Fitzgerald

I think we can all admit that we took the bus in elementary/middle school before. If not, your lucky! Buses are dirty, loud, smelly, and pretty embarrassing; especially if your a senior. I am so grateful to have my license and actually own a car. Some people have it bad and do not have cars. But At the end of the day, when everyone is power walking out of the school to get to their cars and beat the horrible traffic, I can’t help to think that the buses are the main problem of the traffic. There is about 10 of them; maybe more, and it’s almost like a race to get out of the parking lot as quick as you can to “beat the buses” as everyone would say. When your unlucky, your most likely waiting aimlessly in your car for the buses to finally pass. It feels like it takes forever for them to pass, and another thing is when I am passing a bus filled with annoying little kids, they will either give you dirty looks or make rude gestures. Who wants to deal with that? Not me!

I have also noticed there is never a full school bus. Maybe half is filled, on rare occasions. But I feel like it’s just a waste of money to have all of these school buses, when no one is taking them anymore! Sure, elementary kids and middle school kids have an excuse, but high school? Not so much. I understand that some high schoolers have complications and are forced to take the bus, but is really 10 plus buses necessary? It would be courteous for drivers and the school if there wasn’t as many school buses!