How soon is too soon?

Corey LeBlanc

As a junior in high school I’m realizing how crucial this year is academically. The college application process that once seemed so distant is quickly approaching and for some of us is a process that is coming up to soon. The availability of our grades and GPA seems to me to be something of a challenge, but when is an appropriate time to call kids down and talk to them about college.

Personally I believe the college chats should begin freshman year of high school, there is no danger in making kids aware of the expectations through high school. I feel as though if more students were made aware of expectations of potential colleges then students would try harder to achieve their goals. As I am not the only student who agrees with this, junior Alyssa Daly states “I think it would be incredibly beneficial to younger students to expose them to college majors, expectations and the correct perspective of a GPA”

Sophomore Lindsay Morrissey added “yeah honestly I wish that I was more aware of college my freshman year, I could’ve done more. And now that I have to pick my classes for junior year.. like these actually matter. I don’t want to mess them up. I wish guidance would talk to me soon”

Hopefully the guidance department will soon consider the “underclassman” as future college applicants as well as the upperclassman. An early realization wont hurt anyone.