Stop the Complaining!

Tori Moses and Tori Moses

This week before I began my editorial article, I decided to go through and read past ones to see if I could get any ideas. What I discovered was a little disappointing. I found that a lot of the earlier editorials about the school were just a way for students to complain.  I understand that it is under the “editorial” news title and therefore you are free to give your opinion but a good editorial doesn’t just complain about what is wrong; it also tries to give a solution to the problem.

As much as I love reading about everyone’s problems it can be a little off putting when they are all about how bad the school is or simple problems that can be easily fixed. So I have taken it upon myself to provide solutions for the many first world problems students at Franklin High apparently tend to face on a daily basis.

1. No parking spaces left at 7:25 when you get to school?

Get to school earlier

2. Not enough room in the cafeteria for freshmen?

Get some confidence and go to the upper-class men side

3. Pro- life? Pro-Choice?

How about Pro-don’t get pregnant in high school

4. Don’t want to listen to Christmas music before December?

Turn off your radio

5. Guidance counselor won’t let you switch out of a class?

Don’t go to that class anymore, eventually they will have to do something

6. Not enough time to do homework?

Stop playing Call of Duty

7. Tired of seeing reality stars on TV?

Read a book

8. Sick of a town obsessed with sports?

Move to the middle of nowhere

9. Problem with the school?

Try to fix it instead of complaining

10. Have to write an editorial article but have no ideas?

Use previously written ones as examples