The Perks of a Southern Gentleman

catie flaherty

After listening to country music on repeat all day while cleaning my room I had a serious epiphany; a man with a southern accent is one hundred times more appealing than any boy from the north of Kentucky. I mean no boy from New England could successfully swoon a girl by saying “wicked” or just carrying a general conversation in a Boston accent. But the accent is only the first thing noticeable about a boy from down south. With further consideration I decided to look into the greater aspects of a true southern gentleman and see just what makes them so perfect. I promise after reading these little facts you too may join the bandwagon as well.

1.  Manners, manners, manners…

When was the last time you heard a boy say “please” and “thank you?” A southern gentleman never fails to thank you or address you with the proper etiquette needed to be socially proper. When talking to those deserving greater respect a “yes mam, no sir” is commonly heard coming from his mouth. He rarely refers to a girl with a degrading label or name and knows she is a gem that must be treated with the highest of respect.

2. Chivalry is definitely not dead!

Holding a door for someone and pulling out chairs is a common courtesy for a man down south. He knows how to put a woman first and does not merely worry about his own welfare. Paying for dinner is not negotiable and is always paid for from the gentleman’s wallet. A phone call and fresh flowers are small tokens that are widely used by these boys to seal the deal and prove they are truly interested in a girl.

3. Less egotistical

It seems as if all males are looking for an ego boost wherever possible. A southern gentleman does not need to be constantly commented because he knows himself and feels confident in his abilities. His head does not get big and he stays level headed even in the most complimentary situations.

4. Modest yet confident in his abilities

Modesty; freedom from conceit or vanity. A simple quality that is practiced by very few but is commonly found in a true southern man. He knows his strengths and weaknesses, but does not feel the need to flaunt the strengths for greater appreciation. He takes each accomplishment in stride and does not feel the need to share his achievements with everyone and their mother. A token of praise is welcome but not expected when such achievements are observed by others.

5. Great dresser

A southern man can rock a flannel button down paired with distressed jeans one day and a three piece suit the next. He does not base his wardrobe around what is current or have 100 graphic tees screen printed with logos and sports teams. The main concept here is a gentleman knows how to clean up well and dress for the right occasion.

What do you think; is a southern gentleman too good to be true or is he just perfect in every way?