They make HOW much?

Leah Canonico

I’m definitely not a sports person. Whether it’s because I just don’t understand them entirely, or because I’m not coordinated enough to play them myself, I’ve never been one to obsess about sports. Sure, I like going to games every once in a while, but I am in no way, shape, or form a sports person. Having said this, it’s probably not a surprise that I think athletes are WAY overpaid for what little they contribute to society.

I know they serve as a huge form of entertainment, but athletes make millions of dollars every year, just because they can run insanely fast and throw and kick balls inhumanly far. That’s completely senseless in warped in my opinion. What do they bring to the table besides entertainment? Nada.  To be fair, I also believe that celebrities are overpaid as well. Although I love Jersey Shore, not one of those people deserves to make millions of dollars for drinking, partying, and acting obscene and borderline moronic. I think this is one reason why our economy is so awful, because money is being spent so all these people who really don’t do anything for our society can live extravagant and luxurious lives.

Now I’m not criticizing people who play sports or watch reality TV at all. I just think that just because they provide entertainment, does not mean that they should be millionaires. Tiger Woods ranked #1 on Sports Illustrated’s “Fortunate 50” list, earning a salary of  $63.3 million in 2011, while Tom Brady ranked 9th on the list, rolling in  about $30 million. All 8 of the Jersey Shore Cast Members were paid roughly $100,000 per episode for season 4.

My question is why. What is Tom Brady scoring a touchdown or Tiger Woods winning the PGA championship ever going to do for me? Though I think she’s hilarious, Snooki is never going to impact my life. I’m sure a lot of other people would agree, these people don’t deserve this kind of money.