Congress is never “Super”

Sean McKeown

Back in August when the “Super” Congressional Committee was created it was set up for failure. There were a large amount of people from every political party agreeing that there was no way this would work. This failure now means that an automatic 1.2 trillion in cuts will be made starting in the year 2013.

Before the “Super” Committee was created, our elected leaders already attempted twice to reach an agreement to reduce the debt. The first was Simpson-Bowles, but 14 votes were missed to be able to have their bi-partisan recommendations go through. After this, President Obama and Speaker Boehner tried to create their own agreement to reducing the debt. Although we thought at the time that they were finding common ground suddenly things took a full 180 degree turn and those efforts were dropped. The “Super” Committee was then created over arguments of raising the debt ceiling.

The way in which congress had acted in the past clearly shows that our elected officials aren’t ready to help the country. They seem to talk the talk but they aren’t walking the walk. If congress really wants to save our country then they would agree on SOMETHING that is better than what is happening now. Does that mean making sacrifices would likely happen? Of course, it is obviously unavoidable if you want to help the country. Republicans should be more open to tax increases and the Democrats should be more open to cutting spending.

Our elected representatives should know that the people are all for standing up for what you believe in. But what do they believe in? Do they believe in the special interests of their party or do they truly believe in solving the MOST important issue of the moment for our nation? We would like to know where your priorities are so that come November next year we know who to elect.