Quantity of Fast Food Restaurants in Franklin

Paige Hardy and Paige Hardy

Are there too many fast food places in Franklin? It seems like we already had too many fast food places in Franklin, but there is recent construction for at least three more. We currently have two Subways, Burger King, McDonalds, and Five Guys. Not to mention the many other restaurants in town. Soon we will have a Wendy’s, a new Taco Bell, and a Chipotle. ¬†Why do we need so many food places in this town? Doesn’t anyone cook or eat at home anymore?

Lately developers look to expand food establishments more than other types of businesses. This town will even have a third grocery store soon. Does all this make for a better town? Why couldn’t developers and the town explore businesses that would provide more activities for the youth, such as a teen center, that kids could pay to join or attend. There doesn’t seem to be enough activities for the youth in town.

Freshman, Olivia Hardy, commented “that there should be healthy options for restaurants and not always fast food.” Anyway you look at it there seems to be more than enough places to eat in town, ¬†including seven Asian restaurants, three pizza chains, many sub shops, etc. Yes there are marshal arts, health clubs, and two used book stores, and bowling but I don’t think we need anymore restaurants especially how that can cause traffic problems.