The Crisis of Flu Season and Soapless Bathrooms

Sarah Fitzgerald

Now that flu season is quickly approaching, it is a necessity to have your hands clean and away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. A good hand-washing is more effective than hand sanitizer, regardless of the kind of soap you use. The problem is, most people don’t wash long enough to get a good hand-washing. You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to assure real cleanliness. What FHS needs to do to help their students from getting sick is that janitors need to refill the soap in the bathrooms! In the C Wing bathroom I have noticed there has not been soap for quite some time.

Leah Canonico says, “It’s really unsanitary and gross, you have to wash your hands!” I don’t know about the boys bathrooms, but the majority of the girls bathrooms at FHS are soapless! It is important to have your hands clean because your hands are the dirtiest part of your body!

If the soapless bathrooms continue, I suggest buying a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Stick it in your purse or backpack and your good to go. Janitors should  take more responsibility in the bathrooms besides sweeping up floors and emptying the trash. I am very thankful for the janitors of keeping our school mostly clean, but me and many other girls are getting tired of having no soap.

Keep yourselves healthy and get a flu shot as soon as possible! You don’t want to wind up in bed with a thermometer in your mouth on the holidays right? Remember to always wash your hands before every meal and maintain a good diet. Also take a half hour out of your day and make sure you are getting exercise in your busy schedule. Another way to prevent the flu is to get a full 8-10 hours of sleep. If you do not get enough sleep for some reason, take a power nap after school. You’ll feel awesome after!

So please try to stay healthy or else you’ll stay home and be miserable, and don’t forget the make-up work!