5 Fashion Don’ts

As the month of December sets in and the days get shorter while the nights get colder, the time to put away the miniskirts and flip-flops has come again. The knitted clothes are back on the racks and winter styles are back on trend. And while I normally love this season’s fashion sense I cant help but look down the halls at FHS and wonder, “What the hell are you wearing?”. So I have complied a simple guide to the top 5 fashion trends you should not be following.



  1. Bootie slippers- They’re cute and they’re comfy, but they are NOT shoes and they DO NOT replace your shoes. You cannot wear them around school. There is a reason they don’t have grips on the bottom, they’re meant to be worn around the house, not out in public.
  2. Cloth headbands- You know what you wear every night to hold back your hair while you wash your face? Well people have become accustom to wearing them all day long. Whether they just forget that had it on or they are wearing them by choice, it is not a flattering look. The thickness of the headband makes a person’s head look oddly proportioned.
  3. Leggings as pants- I find leggings just as comfortable as everyone else but they are not pants! If you want to have a lazy day you need to have a shirt that covers your butt. Anything shorter just looks weird.
  4. Platforms– C’mon people, seriously? Unless you’re on your way to an interview for an internship at a top business firm, there is no need for you to wear 4-inch heels. Not to mention I know for a fact that they are not comfortable, so why would you want to have sore feet and be concerned about falling all day long. You’re at school, not at the club.
  5. Knitted scarves- a good knitted scarf is great for protecting your neck and chest for the harsh winter weather. They are a great accessory to your winter coat but they are meant for outdoor weather, so why are people wearing them indoors? They are big and bulky and they makes peoples heads look small why accentuating their necks. They make fashion scarfs for a reason, try one of those instead.