70th Anniversary Of The Attack On Pearl Harbor

Corey Flynn

70 years ago today 2,400 people lost their lives when the Japanese launched a full on aerial attack without warning. This event was a major reason for the U.S entering WWII.

There will be a ceremony near the USS Arizona with a rifle salute and wreaths in remembrance of those who lost their lives. They will hold a moment of silence at exactly 7:55 am, when the strike began. There were 120 survivors in attendance today at the ceremony.

On that day 70 years ago Japanese pilots attacked eight battleships and were able to sink two of the ships in the process. They also attacked military bases on Hawaii and left the landscape damaged.

Its extremely surprising to me that our school should did not recognize this moment in the same way because it was one of the most important and devastating moments in U.S history.

We have a moment of silence everyday but at least mention the fact that today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, I mean these soldiers died for this country then went across seas and battled for our future. I find it almost insulting to not recognize them in some way.