December Break: Why So Short?

Alicia Kutil

Every year, December vacation varies in length. Every year, students complain about how this years break is “shorter” however, this year, students do have a right to complain and be upset.

Winter break this year goes from Saturday Dec. 24th to Sunday January 1st. Yes, FHS we do go back to school on January 2nd. Not fair right?!

For example, in December of 2009, vacation went from Thursday Dec. 24th to Sunday January 3rd. Now I understand that every year the calender changes blah blah blah. But, not having the day before Christmas Eve off could cause a lot of problems for travelers during the holidays.

I guarantee majority of kids will not go to school the Friday before break for a couple reasons.

1) Who really wants to be at school the day before Christmas Eve?

2) Hanukkah starts the 20th and continues through Christmas.

3) No one does anything the day before break anyways, so there really wont be any makeup work for students who do miss this day.

4) Not everyone can travel on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This causes a huge problem for the weekend car traffic and air traffic. Therefore, a lot of students and adults will have to miss work or school that Thursday or Friday in order to avoid the traffic.

A lingering question among the students here at FHS is are we as a school not taking ANY extra days off because of the early school year mishaps? Well to say the least, none of these incidents were student-fault related, therefore, shorter vacations should be out of the question.