More Chairs Equals Less Worries

Maggie Daubenspeck

The lunch room during third lunch leaves students without places to sit and some sitting on the floor just to eat their lunch.

Lunch is the time to eat and relax with friends before returning to the stress of class and schoolwork. But how can this be accomplished without enough chairs for every student to sit down? It’s simple: we need more chairs.

Students rush to each lunch to avoid lines and get seats. The lines we can handle, but without chairs, what was the point? Some try to share their seat with others, but many end up standing or kneeling on the floor.

Mely Wu, a junior, stated this, “I guess its gotten better this year, but its still pretty brutal in the cafe especially during third lunch.” She even added this, “Some people take the seat from you when you’re sitting in it!” This is a true statement to those who have looked around during lunch to catch those stealing seats.

Elise Rivera, a sophomore, told me another issue as well. “The cafe is always really dirty too so on top of finding chairs we need to find clean tables during lunch,” she said. It’s true, the tables are dirty so many avoid them and choose to cluster around one table and become crowded with those sharing seats.

This issue can be dealt with by cleaning off the tables between each lunch period; student could even assist in this since we are the ones sitting at the tables and making the mess. But chairs are needed for every student because every student deserves to eat their lunch without worrying about finding a chair or balancing on their neighbor’s.