Prom Preparations

Paige Hardy

How are your prom are plans going? Getting near that time again where juniors get excited and nervous.

Its fun to get all dressed up but there is a lot more work besides finding the perfect dress and tux.  Before prom, begin your schedule of what you have to accomplish. You’ll need to plan your pre-prom activities, seating arrangements and pictures, and expectations/schedule after prom.

My past prom experience was difficult to pick a dress, because there were just so many to choose from.  Watch your budget for prom dresses and tuxes, because they can be very expensive.

Booking appointments and fittings take time, as many teens will be utilizing the same places, and many high schools schedule their proms within the same week or two.

Make sure you plan for your transportation to and from the prom whether you are car pooling  or renting a limousine. Be sure your camera is in good working order, since  parents and teens would want pictures for later.

This year the juniors will be having the benefit of a half day for prom. Something the junior class would have appreciated last year.  Be sure to view the mock crash presentation as a reminder to stay safe that night. Whether you have a date or going with friends it is sure to be a good time.