Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Rachita Chaudhury

Yes, this is a warm winter. No, you shouldn’t be wearing shorts or a skirt.

It is ridiculous that some girls can’t stand a few months without showing off as much skin as possible.

Dressing provocatively in the summer is slightly more acceptable because the hot weather is an excuse. But NEWS FLASH: It is 40 degrees or less outside.

Jess Deaver is a junior and was asked about her views on the way people have been dressing lately.

“Well it’s been warm, but I think people have been abusing it a little. They need to remember that it’s still December”.

Even though we haven’t gotten snow yet, the temperatures have been close to freezing and definitely not warm.

If you want to attract the opposite sex, at least do it in a way that doesn’t give you hypothermia. Also, however, keep in mind that you have to keep some parts of your body a secret.

It is December so there is no shame in dressing warmly. Additionally, some teachers in this school are semi-crazy and like keeping the windows open.

When the windows are closed, the heat in this building is not always sufficient so if you want to wear a cute skirt or dress, at least wear tights or leggings.

Keep in mind that shorts are a different story because they’re meant for warm weather! Unless they’re a major fashion piece, opt out on them.

Heating in the building shouldn’t be an excuse to dress minimally, however, unless you a) never leave or b) carry a pair of pants to put on when you do leave.

Sophomore Erin Moreau commented on the issue of dressing warmly.

“I’m cold even when the windows are closed! I don’t see how people walk around school as if it’s summer. They almost look silly and that they don’t know what season it is”.

The expectation is that people will be dressing in pants and long sleeves, so straying away from the tiny clothing won’t be a big deal.

There are plenty of ways to express your style and look attractive that will also keep you warm. And you won’t have to shave your legs!

Risque dressing is a problem with girls these days, but the fact that it is still prevalent in winter is astonishing. What’s so attractive about goose bumps and shivering?