Prom Preparations: Too Early?

Karley Newton

With the second semester of the school year coming to a close, a lot of Juniors are looking ahead to spring, and prom. Prom is often thought of as one of the biggest days of high school, but are we preparing too soon this year?

Recently, almost every Junior girl with a Facebook was added to the “FHS Prom Dresses 2012!” group in order for them to post their prom dresses. It’s a great idea in order to avoid fashion mishaps and repeated dresses, but prom is over four months away!

Many people have already ordered or posted their dresses on the group, which is perfectly fine, but why so early? It seems like all of a sudden all the talk in the Junior hall is about dress shopping, and not having any time to find the perfect fit, or book a hair appointment.

Why worry now when in a month all of the dress styles in the store are going to be completely different? From what I, as well as many of my peers have seen, a lot of the dresses already posted on the group are very similar. Wouldn’t it be better to wait a little while, and get a completely different dress that makes you stand out?

Personally, I never plan ahead for big events like these, so maybe that’s why I feel so strongly about the early preparations. However, I still think the Juniors should relax a little about the big day.

Prom is supposed to be a fun night with your friends, so why start stressing about all of the little things so far in advance? It’s great for the people who have their dresses, and hair appointments all figured out, but if you don’t yet, don’t stress!

There are plenty of beautiful prom dresses out there, and even more hair dressers to do your hair, so there is no point in wasting time and energy running around to get this stuff done now. Take your prom preparations slowly, and enjoy the ride!