Dean Chaput

Everyone knows about Senioritis. Students blame it for lackadaisical effort, and teachers fear its toll on classroom productivity. Nearing the end of the school year, however, Senioritis is being seen more and more.

Having gotten a taste of recent springtime weather, on top of Senior Banquet, the first of the last celebrations of senior year, seniors throughout FHS are eager to graduate. With less than two months of classes left, senior year is winding down faster than most expected.

Many students are preparing to leave for Senior Project, and even those who remain only have roughly 30 days of classes left before finals and AP Exams. AP classes are reaching their culmination as well, and will start to review for exams in upcoming weeks.

During classes, students yearn for outdoor lessons, and while stuck inside, daydream about graduation and summer. Teachers are finding it a little harder to control their classes as the weather gets nicer and Senior Week draws nearer.

Senioritis is a tradition, though. Seniors throughout the ages have dealt with lack of motivartion, excitement about college, and entering a new chapter of life. Senioritis has no real cure, it is just a netural part of senior year.