Dunkin over DECA

Dunkin over DECA

A possible home for an FHS Dunkin Donuts.

Mike Schratz, Editorial

Since breakfast as the DECA lounge has been terminated for about a year now, it is evident that FHS is in need of an alternate food source in the morning. A Dunkin Donuts kiosk in the cafeteria would be the perfect solution.

Not only would this be more efficient for students to purchase their daily coffee, but also the lines at local Dunkin Donuts would certainly be shorter for those who must make it to work in time.

It is not uncommon to see a Franklin high student walk into school with a coffee in hand or a mouth stuffed with a donut.

“I go to Dunkin before school two or three times a week,” claimed FHS junior Ben Jednak. Students are most certainly hungry in the morning, and a good breakfast does promote an intelligent mind.

“The cafeteria food in the morning is gross and over expensive,” replied Jednak when asked the positives of a Dunkin kiosk, “students would have a better attitude and therefore teachers would be happier.”

Another benefit came up when considering some students dislike towards school lunches. Breakfast sandwiches, which are sold throughout the day at Dunkin, provide the energy to keep your day rolling.

Providing Dunkin Donuts inside school would not only help sleepy kids in the first two periods but also would make a generally happier learning environment.

Would you want a Dunkin Donuts kiosk in the FHS cafe?


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