NBA: Fining for Flopping

Mike Schratz, Editorial

This upcoming season the NBA will have zero tolerance for players faking injuries to penalize the opposing team. Officials at league headquarters decided to fine players who “flop.”

This is exactly what needed to be done to clean up the NBA. Too often players show off their acting skills and fake injuries.

“Its a great idea,” said FHS junior and intense basketball fan Jimmy Gibson. Along with Gibson and I, many other viewers consider this progress.

League officials stated it has “no place in our game.” The first flop would be considered a warning. After that the second warning is $5,000, and the third $10,000.

Then the question of where the line of flop or no flop would be drawn aroused.

“A flop would be a physical action aimed to get the other player to pick up a foul with little to no contact,” claimed Gibson.

With super slow motion replays in today’s technology, determining a flop in instant replay would be simple. The¬†referees¬†will certainly struggle calling the plays in the speed of the game.

Is it a good idea to fine players for flopping in the NBA?


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