We want Deca Back


Sean Donovan, Chief

Two years ago, if I needed a snack or a drink, The Deca Lounge was the place to be. Now it is just a place only open during lunch that sells senior t-shirts and a couple sweatshirts. The main problem of the Deca store was that it sold more food than the school did, I have an idea, have the school run the deca store.

Many kids would be interested in this job because not only would it give them possible training for a future job, but it would also give them an opportunity to see many friends and people they know.

A lot of student would ask their teacher to go to the bathroom and instead head over to deca, but that problem could easily be solved by giving the students passes to go to deca. Not saying that it would always be ok to head over there, but if there was a down time in class, or if you were in direct study, i dont see why it would not be ok.

“”I was able to buy gum, get a donut every morning, and could get a sugary drink so I would not be as exhausted” says senior Tom Corsi. I could not have said that better myself.

School breakfast seems to be machine made, and is always small sized, when deca would sell donuts as well as bagels and muffins every morning. Not only would breakfast be good, but the candy and gum would be great because almost every class i go to someone is bothered that they need to share their gum.

Sorry for the people that love to buy a t-shirt at lunch, but along with a lot of people, i want candy and soda or a bag of chips from the Deca store, we want deca back.



Do you think the Deca Store should be the way it used to be?


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