Hallway Jam

Hall ways in the morning are hard to navigate

Hall ways in the morning are hard to navigate

Maggie McDonald

It seems getting to next period through the main halls is nearly impossible because of the mass of students who don’t know what their doing.

Every passing, the halls are a complete labyrinth of confused freshmen  looking for the pool on the way to gym class, caffeinated students finishing last night’s homework, and growing blobs of people moving through main hall.

Some people forget how to walk and so they sand idle in the middle of main hall. Others just wander around the school hoping to get to their class room.

“The freshmen always move slow, says junior Nick Chang “the seniors don’t care about getting to class”

Confused freshmen fail to grasp the concept of staying to the right. Sophomores run into each other trying to find their next class.

But juniors and seniors are the worst. They stop in the middle of the hallway, plow through the crowed, and gather around one locker blocking the hallway completely.

In general the absolute worst traffic is outside of c-wing. There are two ways to get out of c-wing but people only go through one.

The two doors, one for coming in and one for coming out, are nearly impossible to move through them during passing. And then, for unknown reasons, just one kid will try to get in through the clearly labeled ‘out’ door.

There are two stairways in every wing, but everyone chose to use one. Trying to get down the wing stairs is not only time consuming but also dangerous. Hoards of kids, mostly freshmen, are pushing to get down the stairs.

Not to mention the strange things that can happen to you during the five minutes between classes.

“Random people have come up to me asking for high fives or fist bumping” says junior Britney Landry.

At 2:05, it is a free for all trying to get out of the school and into the parking lot traffic. Kids run around looking for friends and trying to get to the locker room.

In the end, we all are trying to get someplace during passing. As long as you stay to the right and keep moving forwards, no one will bother you and maybe we can all get to class on time.