FHS plays?!

Kaitlin Copponi, Boss

Franklin High School is very big on our sports, but have you ever wondered what other things there are to watch around here? How about our amazing school plays. A Mid Summer Night’s Dream was recently put on this Wednesday and Friday.

Mrs. Waters and Mr. Curran along with all the cast and crew members worked their behinds off the past couple of months to put on a very entertaining show. The costumes, makeup, set and music were each put together specifically and particularly for these two nights.

Go out of your comfort zone to watch students you see everyday in the hall coming out of their comfort zones to perform for you! Seeing your peers in an atmosphere they enjoy and shine in will leave you with a good feeling.

Even myself, being a very critical person, enjoyed the show, it kept me laughing the whole time. Everything about it fascinated me. The music, lights around their heads, their costumes, their makeup and the storyline itself kept me intrigued.

Support your school and peers by attending FHS school plays. Here is what students have said about the recent play, A Mid Summer Night’s Dream.

“Because they rock! From a girl who is involved in the theater, I think that the show is very entertaining. I think the actors have great comic timing and I loved the way they were enthusiastic. It really drew me in! Although I did not really understand the language, the way that the cast performed it, it made it fun and easier to understand! I give it two thumbs up! BRAVO!” senior Annie Corak excitedly stated.

“Come because this is an opportunity to showcase a lot of the talent that we have in Franklin that isn’t present at a lot of other schools, everything looked great and it’s fun so come to the shows,” senior Kevin Phillips stated, he starred as the lead role in AMSND.

“The cool thing about the past show is that we took one of Shakespeare’s classics and added a more modern vibe to it. The music, written by the members of the band, and the costumes, tie dyed by the cast, have been created to provoke a woodstock theme, adding a relevant spin on a timeless classic,” senior Max Kinney stated, he was one of the half dressed fairies.

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