One More Week to Live??








We  have all heard how the end is coming, how we’re all going to get annihilated by some magical meteor, and what not, what not, what not. Now I’m not saying that this isn’t true or anything, I honestly just don’t have the facts.

You see, like the most of us, I listen to the things spreading around me and adapt to the craziness until I hear something else. However, considering  we only have about 3 days until all these theories are proven, I kind of want to get some facts straight.

But like I said, I’m the type to absorb theories that come from FHS students rather than from intimidating scholars from those O’ so informative science channels. Here’s what they had to say when asked on their thoughts about how the world is supposed to end this coming Friday.

“I don’t believe in that. I think that’s dumb”, said one student. Talk about blunt, right? But here’s my favorite note added by another student close by.

“I think the Mayans got lazy, and just didn’t finish the calender”. Insert laugh because not only was this student confident in his answer, but it was a theory I’m willing to believe. And that, my friends, speaks volumes.

I have to say, they did bring up how there is a lot of debate on if the  Mayan calenders are even reliable, due to the leap years that apparently weren’t included. That’s nice and all, and I was in a pretty satisfied mood once they told me that there is yet another rumor going around that a new pollution of the Mayan Calenders  have recently been found.  This is great and all, especially being so close to our “final hours” , but where exactly were these found calenders, oh i don’t know, say about a few or so months ago when the whole world began the countdown to the end of the world? A little odd if you’d ask me, but I suppose that’s how the system is. Confidential. And confusing.