New Year’s resolutions: Failure or Success?

Michaela Shimkus, Wicked Aweome Person


As the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve, many people began making plans of what they would do to better themselves during this upcoming year.

We all want to create a better future for ourselves, and these goals we set for ourselves each year, whether they be big or small, can work as the steppingstones to a more fulfilling life, or so we hope.

The most popular new years resolutions are usually things such as:

– to lose weight and get active

-to be nicer to people

-to be more organized

“My new years resolution is to get better grades this semester” stated Senior Olivia Staves.

“Hopefully I can stick to my goals this year”

But as we all know, most plans for the new year completely flop.

But why is that?

I personally think that people make unrealistic goals for themselves. Even more, they expect an instant change when the clock strikes 12 O ‘clock midnight on new years.

Especially with the most popular resolution being based on weight loss, which is certainly not an instant change and takes a lot of mind control, people tend to give up before they even take one step on the tredmill.

Nobody seems to have enough faith in themselves that they’ll succeed, so they just throw in the towel early. Could we just be letting the fear of change take control of whether or not we stick with our original plans?

The people who give up, are only making New years resolutions so that they have something to say when they’re asked about their goals.

“I think some people are just lazy” Staves added.

Lazy or not, it seems that keeping up with a new years resolution is a battle within ourselves and whether or not we are truly willing to change.

Hey, maybe this could be your new years resolution: To stick to your goals!

So what about you FHS? Have you stuck to your resolutions so far?