Classes We Want

Lindsey Morrissey, student

Why do students have required classes in high school? Just like college, students’ classes should be directed towards the career they want to pursue.

For example, if a student wants to be an English teacher why do they have to take 3 years of math or science instead of focusing on teaching and different English classes?

The ACT argues that with a core curriculum students will be ready for college level work and ready for the work force. They say that taking a core curriculum causes more people to enroll in college and continue on to their second year. But what about knowing what you want to major in? How do you know what you want to be when you are older?

Campbell County in Cincinnati is now offering students ‘career-focused classes’ in all the high schools in that county. This is a way to give students a head start in their college and career planning. If a student does not know what they want to do when they are older, these programs serve more as an exploratory program. They give students exposure to different career paths in hopes that they find one they like.

The programs these high schools are offering include different engineering programs, media and broadcasting programs, business technology programs, and design programs on top of other classes.

In many classes I hear people say “I want to be here”, “why am I here?”, and “I’m trying so hard to stay awake right now.” If students had classes that they wanted to take and actually cared about they would want to come to school. Also if students were interested in a topic it would create more conversations in class and students would be more enthusiastic about coming to school.

When a student wants to learn about something it helps them to become more involved in discussions and class work. While taking classes we are required to take, its hard to focus and often hard to bring ourselves to do the work.

Its hard to care about classes that have no importance to us and are irrelevant to the career we want to pursue. Having classes relating to a career path will help us in the future and give us a head start in the work force and in college. These classes will also help students who do not know what they want to do because it gives them exposure to more careers and get a feeling of what each career will be like. Having this option in high school with reach students better.