Music in Class…Productive or Disruptive

Music in Class...Productive or Disruptive

Student Andrew Hartnett Jams out while productively working.

Eric Cohen, Pro Music Advocate

Students listening to music during class may seem like a distraction but in reality it is actually helping the students.

Some say that listening to music in class is a distraction and is hurting a students ability to learn and focus. This isn’t necessarily  true though. For most students the act of listening to music during school is beneficent too their learning.

For one it makes class more enjoyable. Sitting in class listening to teachers lecture causes student to get bored, fall asleep, and zone out. If students were able to listen to music while attending class it would make their time more enjoyable. If a student is having fun or enjoying themselves it is a lot less likely for them to zone out or sleep. Also if they are enjoying there time in class it might encourage them be active in class and engage themselves rather then sitting with there head down.

Student Jay Tiernan discussed how listening to music benefits him.

“It engages my creative side of the brain…it helps me write and think easier.” Jay said.

Another argument against listening to music is that its disruptive. When in fact it is just the opposite if one is listening to music they are quiet and not talking to friends. Mostly because they are engaged in what they are doing, like classwork.

“I do not think the music is disruptive, mainly because I don’t talk, I’m keeping to myself and my work” Jay explained.

Listening to music is also a plus because it is a known tool for relaxation. Throughout the school day kids get stressed out from having work piled on in tuff times, or confrontations with teachers. Music is a tool that students should be able to use during class to help them stay calm and at ease. Listening to music will help keep that breaking point low.

The problem is there is no way a student would ever be allowed to listen to his or her headphones in class, but there is a compromise. What if a student was allowed to listen to one headphone during class. This is fair because it gives the student a chance to listen to their music and relax while still being able to focus on what the teacher is saying and doing.

Music is a tool that solves a multitude of problems. So lets use it to make the school day a little bit better.