Open Campus Is A Must

Chris Arnaudo wishing he could get lunch at home during lunch period

Chris Arnaudo wishing he could get lunch at home during lunch period

Colton Cardinal, Student Writer

Morning attendance at Franklin High School in Franklin Massachusetts is currently much lower than what any school strives for.

A solution must be brought up in order to solve this attendance issue. The solution you ask? Open Campus.

Open campus is a concept that has been around in high schools and colleges for as long as school has been around. The concept is simple, let students able to roam in and out of the building as they please during lunch and free periods.

Open campus pleases the students and will ultimately increase the the morning attendance of the school because students will know that they are free to roam during designated periods.

The facts that supports this increase in student attendance due to open campus is Belmont High School.

Belmont put in place open campus in 2010 and within the first year their morning attendance increased 15 percent and continues to increase with each passing year.

The reason why Franklin High School should have open campus in the 2015 year is the increase in security and safety in the new school.

The new Franklin High School building will have almost double the cameras giving the eyes on who leaves and when they leave.

The system the Franklin High School has now is unfair and unjust. The prison like environment gives students, including myself an uneasy feeling about coming to school.

So Franklin High School put in place open campus, let morning attendance rise and allow the student body to feel some sense of freedom in the year 2015