Fast Food Review: Taco Bell Breakfast

Nick Burgos

I was skeptical at first, as most of us would be, but i left completely satisfied. Taco Bell breakfast is amazing.

I began my journey to Taco Bell with my close friend and teammate, Nick Santucci. We arrived at the fine establishment of Taco Bell at 6:55 am and had to wait until 7am for it to open up. Once inside we were given a plethora of choices of what to purchase and we went with the AM Crunchwrap supreme, Breakfast Burrito, and Waffle Taco.

The AM Crunchwrap was my favorite. One loaded up with bacon, egg, cheese, chipotle ranch sauce, and a hash brown on the bottom, all wrapped up in a tortilla. It tasted like something you would find at King Street Cafe and exceeded my expectations. The eggs were fluffed to perfection and made like they were from a hotel continental breakfast. The bacon was nice, crisp, and loaded into the eggs.

The Crunchwrap also comes with sausage which was equally as good but if I had to make a life or death decision and choose one it would be the Bacon Crunchwrap.

The Breakfast Burrito was a cheaper, smaller version of the Crunchwrap. It offered the same choices, steak, bacon, sausage. I went with the bacon burrito solely because of how much of a bacon fanatic I am. There’s not much to say about this other than it was worth the $2.00 I paid. Eggs were good, bacon was crisp, and the tortilla was nice and warm.

The Waffle Taco, eaten by Nick Santucci, featured a waffle folded up like a taco with sausage, egg, cheese, and a side of syrup. “This is amazing, far exceeded my thoughts on what Taco Bell Breakfast would be like” said Santucci when asked about what he thought of the Waffle Taco. “The syrup is a nice addition to the taco which is already delicious, I think I’ll come here more often, it’s so cheap too!” Santucci added, clearly elated by his experience with Taco Bell Breakfast.

Taco Bell Breakfast is worth every penny you spend on it and a great way to start your day. If I had to do one thing to it I would add a chicken and waffle wrap. Chicken and waffles are amazing together and if Taco Bell could include that into their breakfast they would have a big hit on their hands.

I encourage everyone to try Taco Bell Breakfast because it is better than McDonalds breakfast and it just flipped the fast food breakfast game upside down.