Technology Takeover

Lindsey Chiarelli

Our world’s technology boom is only growing more and more powerful each and every day. But at what cost? Of course, technology has a multitude of pros. The Apple/iPhone craze has gone international, allowing communication across the world and access to almost anything our hearts and minds desire. Other forms of technology have made huge progress in hospital settings and in the educational realm that made life easier for millions. Because it is natural for humans to always want the next best thing, business in sales in the world of technology has increased dramatically. Everywhere we look, a new iPhone is being released, or a new program- like the recent release of iOS 8. Will it ever stop?

Unfortunately, there are cons to new technology too. Children at the age of 4 are able to navigate an iPad better than the average adult. People are unable to form quality social skills because they are too used to communicating from behind a screen. Going to a music store and buying a real hard copy of a CD is almost unheard of now that music can be accessed digitally. Hard copies of books are less popular now that they can be read online. Eventually, kids in school may not even have to write anymore because they are able to type on their computers. What will happen when systems crash and digital work is lost forever?

In the new Franklin High School, all students have been given a chromebook to use throughout the year. Do you, the students of FHS, like having all of your work on a computer? Or do you miss writing on paper or in a notebook? Is technology taking over too much of our lives, or is it something we will just have to get used to?

This is a video of Ellen Degeneres showing young kids some old time machines to see what they would do with them. If you want to laugh today, check it out!