Side Effects of Social Media

Sammy Croteau

Is society benefiting from popular social sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? Or are these sites just distractions from everyday life?

Franklin High School’s (FHS) Digital Journalism teacher, Ms. Moreau, believes the effects of social media are more positive than negative because it allows people to connect with the world and share information. However, Ms. Moreau says:

“It is important to limit the use of social media because there are other important things going on in your life.” When asked how social media impacts teens, Moreau answered, “It distracts them from being present in the moment.”

Jaime Kennedy, an FHS junior has a similar view on social media, explaining how she thinks it has both positive and negative effects as it is an efficient way to connect with friends, but it can also be a distraction, especially when completing school work.

“It separates people because they are not interacting face to face anymore,” Kennedy shares. “When you are with people and on your phone your attention is not on the people, but on the phone.”

Another FHS student, Sabrina Roche looks at social media in a positive way as it impacts herself and society.

“It helps me stay connected with friends that I don’t see all the time and it brings people together,” explained Roche.

There are various takes on how social media affects society, ranging from positive to negative views. Despite that, people seem to agree on the belief that social media has the power to connect the world.