Gold Medal Performance

Tim Malacaria

Symphony Hall Here We Come!

The Franklin High School Symphony Orchestra received a Gold Medal at the MICCA Festival at Foxboro on Saturday April 10th. Playing three pieces for the judges and leaving them to say that they won gold. This Saturday at 2:30 will be a concert for all gold medal winners. It is free to all and come to Boston to see a great performance.

“I thought we had the potential for gold” stated Ms. Jezierski. The festival rubric states that a gold medal performance is a superior ensemble. Thought the overall opinions were excitement, shocked, and anxious.

The Saturday performance at 2:30 pm on April 17 will be a first to all but one. Cello player Andrew Woods has played at Symphony Hall freshmen year in the Repertoire Orchestra when they won gold at MICCA. He said that he was excited for the opportunity to come again.

The four seniors in orchestra Chris Roy (violin), Megan McGrath (cello), Andrew Woods (cello), and Chris Anderson (cello), all had nothing but positive comments towards the director and the other players. Megan felt that “Ms. J has worked really hard preparing everyone. We have had the music for longer than we do for most concerts which gave us a better chance for gold.”

The overall feeling between everyone is that it will be a great chance for everyone, few can put into words their emotions. The program set up for young musicians to be given the experience to play at a world famous concert hall is incredible. The judges also give back great comments to use in future performances.

The Franklin Music program has set high standards for all. Everyone has risen to the challenge. The Wind Ensemble and Concert Band both received a silver medal performance from the MICCA Festival. What is to be expected for next year’s ensembles?