Franklin Arts Academy: An Artist’s Dream Education?

With the beginning of the brand new Franklin Arts Academy being only two weeks ago, most of the students in the program have only positive things to say about the Academy. Ranking the course with an exceptional 90.2%. Just like almost every other high-school student, the average favorite class is the Creative Literacy elective. Although most say the FAA isn’t what they expected from last year’s assembly, the course is still new to everyone involved and is working out the kinks in the program. Some things that the program’s students would, if they could, incorporate scholarship programs, school contests, more time in each section of Creative Literacy, more art-related topics in the academic classes, a business or field aspect, more art projects, and photography.

When asked about their overall view on the FAA, no one could think of anything bad to say. “It’s an amazing program.” Says Caitlyn Dowell, “I wake up every day wanting to go to school.”

Alex Delacruz agrees, “I don’t dislike anything. I have never been as interested in a school as I am now!”

All in all, the FAA has been a success so far and no one is unhappy in the classes. In short, to quote Ricky Thorn: “It’s awesome.”