Class Officer Nomination Papers


Candidate ________________________ Class _________ Position: ________________

Eligibility: All students seeking election must be in good academic and social standing.

*Nomination form is due in to A or B House Office by 2pm Wednesday, September 14th.
(No late forms will be accepted)
*The campaign period – During this period, posters may be put up in the building (not on paint walls or door windows), provided that your class advisor approved them. Posters must be removed by the end of the school day on election day.
*The will be brief class meetings for FRESHMEN speeches on Tuesday, Sept 20th.
*The election will be held on Wednesday, September 21st.

1. Each candidate must provide a written speech that expresses his or her reasons for seeking office. It should also include what he/she hopes to accomplish if elected. This speech is limited to one sheet of paper. The speech (with your name on it) must be turned in with this nomination paper. This is the speech you will deliver to the class.

2. Each candidate needs to obtain the signatures of two teachers endorsing you.

1. ____________________________ 2. ____________________________

3. Each candidate must obtain 20 signatures from members of his/her class. Students may sign only one nomination form per office. Students may sign up to four forms for student representative.

1. ______________________________ 11. ________________________________

2. ______________________________ 12. ________________________________

3. ______________________________ 13. ________________________________

4. ______________________________ 14. ________________________________

5. ______________________________ 15. ________________________________

6. ______________________________ 16. ________________________________

7. ______________________________ 17. ________________________________

8. ______________________________ 18. ________________________________

9. ______________________________ 19. ________________________________

10. _____________________________ 20. ________________________________

4. Signature of your Class Advisor ____________________________

5. Signature of your Assistant Principal ______________________