Dorchester Shooting

Coryrose Le Blanc

          A 16 year old Dorchester resident is shot and killed on his routine trip to the local convince store. As Jaivon Blake walked down to begin his pickup basketball game with his 14 year old companion; they made a routine pit stop at the local convince store, a block away from Blake’s home. But Blake and his friend never made it into the store.

As the two teenage boys approached the door of the store, witnesses say a verbal argument erupted between them and an unidentified male. Shots were fired soon after. Blake was pronounced dead a short time later, and his friend is still being hospitalized in critical condition.   

The tragic event has left the community of Dorchester paralyzed in fear, as this murder brings Dorchester’s homicide count up to at least seven killings this year. Local residents speak out, expressing their helplessness regarding local safety issues. TheDorchesterpolice force responded to the cries with promises of surveillance cameras and increasing patrol around neighborhoods. As for Jaivon Blake’s family, they are currently preparing for their 16 year old’s funeral, praying that justice can be served for their little boy.