Teen Drivers get New Law

New limits on teen drivers are in a bill on its way to the governor’s desk. The new limits consist of changing how many non-family members they can drive and force them to have more training before they hit the road.

The bill states that for the first six months after receiving a junior license, teen drivers without adults in the car would only be allowed to have one non-family member under the age of 18 as a passenger. If the teen finishes those six months without any incident they can include up to three more non family members under 18 in the car until they turn 18.

The bill also states to add behind-the-wheel training for 50 to 65 hours and includes 10 hours of night driving and driving in bad weather. Also the new law will make driving without wearing a seatbelt on as a primary offense for new teen drivers. Although this law is already taking affect on November 28th, it will only be applicable in Pennsylvania.

More states on the east coast though are following in those same footsteps for laws to ensure teens are safe while driving. Many teens are speaking out against this, but parents are content with the new law. Some parents are taking initiative to get the law to include no texting while driving, and no cell phone use at all while teen drivers are at the wheel.