Framingham terrorists: too close to home?

Karley Newton

Although the F.B.I maintains that the public was never in danger, the recent arrest of the Framingham man  Rezwan Ferdaus, begs the question: could something like this happen in Franklin? With the recent news flooding stations around the state, Franklin High School students express their fears.

“It’s just really scary that they can be so close to us and we the public didn’t even know about it” says Coryrose Leblanc, a junior at Franklin High School.

The F.B.I. released recently that an Ashland man was arrested in Framingham for conspiracy to plot harm against the United States. He is charged with plotting to destroy the U.S. Capitol and Pentagon, using large remote control aircrafts full of explosives.

Ferdaus, the twenty- six year old American citizen responsible for the plotting, was also charged with providing vital information to other terrorist organizations, specifically Al Qaeda, in order for them to attack soldiers stationed overseas.

His attack plan started last June when he rented a storage unit under a false name, in order to start building his planes. Over the course of that summer, Ferdaus delivered eight plane-explosives to undercover Federal agents, under the impression that they were sending them to be used to kill soldiers in the Middle East.

“The conduct alleged today shows that Mr. Ferdaus had long planned to commit violent acts against our country, including attacks on the Pentagon and our nation’s Capitol. Thanks to the diligence of the FBI and our many other law enforcement partners, that plan was thwarted,” said U.S. Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz in a press conference with reporters yesterday.