Amanda Knox: Freedom Finally

Coryrose Le Blanc

After being kept in an Italian prison for four years of her life, Amanda Knox was freed October 4th and welcomed into the loving arms of her family and friends in an England airport on her way back to the states.

After being charged for sexually assaulting and brutally slaying her British roommate, Amanda was held for four years in an Italian prison away from her family, friends, and home country. Knox’s lawyer won the case by arguing that the police did not use proper standard evidence gathering/testing procedures, claiming evidence was contaminated which left the prosecution with no evidence against Ms Knox. Though the case did not provide closer for the victims family, providing no alternate suspects or justice for their daughter.

The Knox family considers the trial to be a success, as they walk out with a non-guilty verdict and their beloved daughter in their arms. As for Amanda Knox, she says that she is going to go home and celebrate the 21st birthday she was never able to have.