Friendly’s, Gone Forever?

Coryrose Le Blanc

The beloved Friendly’s restaurant home to the “fribble” and classic “Monster Mint Sundae” Is closing down 30 locations in Massachusetts alone, with 63 stores closing nation wide.

The family owned food chain has always been taken for granted as one of those restaurants that will always be there for a quick bite. Now the public says they’ll miss it more than they had imagined! Out of the 500 stores nation wide and 63 closing down, 30 being right here in Mass, it’s going to be a real treat to sit down with one of their classic ice creams.

“ I really can’t believe it! I mean after hearing about it I’m actually pretty upset, I love Friendly’s!” says Kiley Mc Mahon, a junior at Franklin High School. As for now Friendly’s advice is to make time for some friendly food before it’s out of your reach!