The difference between the i-Phone 4 and the i-Phone 5

Sarah Fitzgerald

The i-Phone has been one of the most desired cellphones because of its impressive technology and reliability. Its sleekness is hard to turn down because it is the world’s bestselling smartphone. The i-Phone 5 was released October 4, 2011. You may ask, “what is the difference between the i-Phone 4 and i-Phone 5?” The i-Phone 5, (also known as 4S) has a better camera, improved graphics, a new processor, better speed and a switching antenna. It also has Siri voice activated personal assistant. The storage of the i-Phone 4S has gone up to 64 GB while the i-Phone 4 went up to 32 GB. The i-Phone 4 has decreased their prices, 8 GB-$100, 16 GB- $150, 32 GB- $200. The i-Phone 5 is an incredible piece of technology and far more advanced than the i-Phone 4.