Foods/beverages that you think are healthy… try again!

Sarah Fitzgerald

These foods/beverages are oh-so irresistable, but don’t fall for the unhealthy foods that may seem “healthy”. The labels “reduced fat, fat-free, low-fat, sugar free, and diet” are all hiding something. Here is what those “healthy food” labels translate as:

  • Fat free, but full of sugar and chemicals.
  • Reduced fat, but increased carbohydrates.
  • Low fat, but high glycemic index.
  • Sugar free, but artificial everything else.
  • No added sugar… because the all natural version has enough sugar to give you type II diabetes anyway.
  • “Diet” food, but it causes cancer in lab rats so don’t drink/eat too much of it.

Here are some examples that are called “healthy”:

Diet soda: It may seem the healthy version of soda but it’s not! Carcinogenic artificial sweeteners, combined with the artificial flavors and colors that are in all sodas are unsafe. Keep drinking and you got yourself a tumor. Drink plenty of water instead!

Peanuts: The salt is hard to dislike but peanuts are packed with omega-6 fats. Too much of this fat can lead to Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. Choose almonds instead!

Yogurt Cups (with fruit on the bottom): Yogurt and fruit may appear to be the perfect combo for a healthy snack but think again! But manufactures load these products with corn syrup, which doubles the amount of sugar. Choose Activia Yogurt instead, it helps your digestive system!

Smartfood: The cheesy popcorn may seem deceiving because of the name of the product but it should really be called “dumbfood”. Basically its the equivalent to potato chips, so don’t have this product too much. It’s okay once in awhile though.