Justin Bieber’s Lovely Lock$

Catie Flaherty

Justin Bieber’s hair has been adored by fans since his famous climb to stardom began. Toy makers went crazy replicating his signature boyish locks on dolls while profiting majorly from his youngest fan base. The news of his haircut shook the “Belieber” followers and set a frenzy through his fans wishing he had not chopped his signature do.

The cut also upset toymakers who had to adjust to changing styles and updating their products to match the model. The Bridge Direct company suffered a setback of $100,000 due to product changes and amped up distribution times to keep up with the pop icon.

Last year the company sold 4 million dolls for the holiday season and hope to rack up larger numbers this year to offset the damages from the costly haircut. Justin Bieber is truly an expensive diva.