Fundemental Fundraisers are Afoot

Laura Cafasso

Attention freshman, sophomores, and seniors! Your student government is either in the process of hosting a fundraiser, or contemplating one, and time is of the essence.

For the freshman, the main product to buy is one of New England’s favorite candles: Yankee Candles. “We just need your help to sell as much as we can for our class so we can have a great high school experience,” says student government member, Megan Rogers. It is essential to remember that even as a freshman, fundraising contributes to dances, Prom, and other privileges you will have eventually during senior year.

The sophomore situation is slightly different, with 11,000 dollars already fund-raised from last year. “We just finished the catalog fundraiser,” says vice president Rachita Chaudury. “We’re open to new ideas, feel free to let one of the officers know.” If any sophomores can think of creative and effective fundraisers, it seems it will benefit the class of 2014.

In another corner is the junior class, which currently have no fundraisers on their agenda, unlike the seniors. Yes even the seniors have a fundraiser, and it involves magazines just like the sophomore fundraiser! It is vital to help your school and bring in enough revenue so our final years of high school are fun and fancy, not lame and cheesy. What new fundraising ideas are on your mind, FHS?