Student Loans: Obama’s Efforts to Relieve College Student Debt

Alicia Kutil

President Obama seems to be making a respectable effort with helping the burden that college students carry after they graduate, or is the White House just making him seem that way.

Obama claims to be working with a “do-nothing” Congress. With this issue, Obama plans to cap student loan payments at 10 percent income. This plan was initially suppose to be¬†activated in 2014 however, Obama has pushed Congress for a 2012 activation.

The plans is suppose to cut monthly payments for 1.6 million graduates and student debt will be forgotten after 20 years instead of 25 years which is what the law is now.

Obama feels he is helping the students who once helped him in 2008 when he became president, having many votes from young adults.

FHS student Kaitlin Copponi says that “Hopefully this will relieve the huge weight put on our shoulders after college. Now students will not be in debt for their entire life!”

So Franklin High School students, Obama seems to be making the effort to relieve the weight on your shoulders that you will definitely feel within the next 10 years…GOODLUCK.