Britian Rules Girls Have Equal Right To The Throne

Alicia Kutil

For all you FHS girls who drooled over Kate Middleton’s wedding, and dream to be just like her, well now you can and you can do it with equal rights! If you were born or married into the Royal family, you and your kids no matter the gender would have equal rights to the thrown!

There have been new changes under the British Succession Laws which give girls and boys of the monarch family equal rights to the throne instead of the boys always being the first choice.

FHS Junior Meghan Morrison says “A lot of girls watched the Royal Wedding and watched Kate join the royal family, but not necessarily with the same rights as her new husband. Now girls can really dream of becoming queen.”

One of the reasons this law was changed becuase of the current ruler of the country, The Queen. Surely being female she is taking advantage of her powers while she can and making other women have an equal chance at the thrown. GO QUEEN ELIZABETH!