Potential Blizzard Coming To The Northeast

Corey Flynn

Last night Franklin and other parts of Massachusettssaw their first snow fall of the year, must be December, oh wait its October. I mean I have heard of a white Christmas but never heard of a white Halloween. I don’t know about anyone else but I am not ready for snow to start already. We got about 2 inches last night with a lot of ice on the ground this morning. With the snowfall and freezing cold temperatures it feels like mid December, this could be a sign that we are in for a long winter, hopefully I am wrong.

According to the seven day forecast there is supposed to be an ocean storm forming for Saturday and there is another possibility for a big snow fall. There is a chance for a predicted 6-12 inches of snow to hit most parts of Mass.A few degrees could be the difference between a lot of rain and a lot of snow. Elliot Abrams from AccuWeather.com says that “At this time of year, puddles are more likely”.

If this storm hit it could break records for a lot of cities in the North East including Boston. The last significant snowfall in Boston during the month of October was October 29th 2005 with a total of 1.1inches. There could be a lot of rain mixed in with the snow causing a lot of ice, which is going to make the roads difficult to commute on. Hopefully the storm just turns into rain because I don’t think anyone is ready for a snow storm just yet.